Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vietnam visa on arrival - 6 months and one year single / multiple entry visa

Vietnam Visa Validity: Vietnamese visas are generally issued for single or multiple entries with a validity of one month or three months according to the visa application and depending on the fee. The date of entry is based on dates provided on the Vietnam visa application form, at the discretion of the consulate. Vietnamese visas processed may be issued with a validity of up to 6 months and one year.

Vietnam Business Visa
Vietnam business visa is normally valid for 6 months and one year, and in some cases, you are entering Vietnam for just a few days for business purposes, you can also apply for a tourist visa instead as this makes no difference.

Do you need a sponsor?

Fortunately, no, with visa on arrival, sponsor is not required to apply for a 6 months and one year visa. However, if you apply for a visa through Vietnamese embassy, they will ask you for a proof of sponsoring letter from Vietnam institutions.

Visa Procedures:
Applying for a business visa is completely the same with a tourist visa.

Is it possible to apply for a business visa for tourism purposes?

Yes, you can apply for a 6 months and one year visas for both tourism and business purposes.

Special Instructions: The Embassy of Vietnam does not issue a "Crew" type visa. A "Business" type visa will be issued to the applicant/crew member. Please follow the instructions listed under "Business" visa.

Requirements on Applying
  1. Passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
  2. Application form or Approval letter.
  3. 02 photos of passport regulation size (2in x 2in or 5.08cm x 5.08cm).

Kinds of visa
Service fee/pax
Normal Urgent
Visa on arrival / code 6 months single $75 ( 10 working days) plus$20 (8 working days)
Visa on arrival / code 6 months multiple $200 (10 working days) plus$20 (8 working days)
Visa on arrival / code one year multiple Please contact us
Please contact us

Note: Before applying for for 6-month or one-year single/multiple entry visa to Vietnam.Please contact us to know in detail:
Hotline: (00) 84 962 655 556

Vietnam visa on arrival for Africa and Middle East passport holders

According to Vietnam Immigration Department, the passport holders of Africa (except South Africa) and Middle East are difficult to apply Vietnam visa.

THe reason why the visa fee for Middle Eash and African is more expensive than others is there are many individuals who went to Vietnam and break Vietnam's laws, especially African.

So the Vietnam immigration department has given barrier to limit those individuals as following:
  • The visa working time also depends on the nationality. It just takes 1 working day for some nationalities, however it may takes 10 working days some nationalities (except Saturday and Sunday). URGENT processing service fee: - 1 working day plus 50 - 100 USD/pax.
  • The visa fee is more expensive than other nationality such as Germany, American, British, Australian,...
  • To make visa, there must be a company in Vietnam guarantee
  • Ther must be return flight tickets and hotel booking, and send us your colour scanned passport.
 However in some certain situation, we can make visa without asking a Vietnam company guarantee for you, therefore, please contact us for further information.

In order to apply, please visit: Vietnam Visa Application Form then fill required information and inform us:

The division of the country in the Middle East and Africa based on the number of citizens of that country who come to Vietnam and break Vietnam's laws less or much, if it is much, it will be divided into Africa region, if it is less, it will be Middle East.

Burundi Swaziland Bahrain
Kenya Zambia Iran
Mozambique Zimbabwe Iraq
Rwanda Bénin Israel
Tanzania Burkina Faso Jordan
Uganda Cameroon Kuwait
Djibouti Côte d'Ivoire Liban
Eritrea Gabon Palestine
Ethiopia Gambia Oman
Somalia Ghana Qatar
Sudan Guinea Saudi Arabia
South Sudan Guinée Sudan
Angola Guinée-Bissau Syria
Burundi Liberia United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Cameroo Mali Yemen
Republic of Congo Mauritania Sri lanka
Democratic Republic of Congo Niger Pakistan
Central African Republic Nigeria Afghanishtan
Guinea Sénégal Nepal
Gabon Sierra Leone Lebanon
Rwanda Tchad TurKey
Tchad Togo Bangladesh
Zambia Cabo Verde
Algérie Comoros
Egyp Madagascar
Libya Mauritius
Maroc São Tomé và Príncipe
Mauritania Seychelles
Tunisia Açores
Angola Canary
Botswana Ceuta và Melilla
Lesotho Madeira
Malawi Mayotte
Mozambique Réunion
Namibia Saint Helena

Some important requirements to get Vietnam visa in China

At the moment in the world, there is only China's governement who do not accept visa on arrival, therefore when you make visa from the Mainland China, you have to follow that regulation
If you apply for visa to Vietnam when you fly from China to Vietnam (except Hong Kong and Macau), you have to inform for us about this

We will make visa for you as the requirement of Chinese Government’s If you do not inform about this, We will not be responsible for your visa

For the connecting flight in China, you can use visa on arrival as normal
China Government requires individual who are going to depart must have visa before getting on plane. So you must make visa which gets at Embassy. In this case, you just tell us where you live in, we will send an official letter to the embassy near your location and you bring your approval letter there and get stamped.

The following we will list all Vietnamese Embassies’ addresses in China, please find a nearest position to deal for convenience:

Embassy of Vietnam in Beijing, China
Address: No 32 Guanghua Rd., Jiangou menwai, P.O.Box 00600, Beijing, CHINA
Phone: (86-10) 6532 11
Fax: (86-10) 6532 57

Consular telephone: (86-10) 6532 7038
Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou, China
Address: 2nd floor, Hotel Landmark B Building North, Qiaoguang Rd. (Haizhu square), Guangzhou, CHINA.
Phone: (86-20) 8330 59
Fax: (86-20) 8330 59

Consulate General of Vietnam in Kun Ming, China
Address: No. 507, Hong Ta Mansion 1 No. 155 Beijing Road, Kunming, China
Phone: (0086-871)- 351
Fax: (0086-871) 351

Consulate General of Vietnam in Nanning, China
Address: 1st floor, Touzi Dasha, 109 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, CHINA.
Phone: (86-77) 1551 05
Fax: (86-77) 1553 47

Consulate General of Vietnam in HongKong, China
Address: 15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, HONG KONG, CHINA
Phone: (852) 2591 4517
Fax: (852) 2591 4524

If you depart from onthers places, you get Vietnam visa on arrival as normal.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Visa Renewal

Nonimmigrant visa holders of Vietnamese nationality can renew their visas in five business days, without a personal interview or fingerprinting, by dropping off their applications at the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City during scheduled drop box hours (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00am – 11:00am). The Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City does not process visa renewals by mail, but applicants can continue to renew their visas by mailing their applications to the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi.

Who is eligible to use the Consulate’s drop box service?

You are qualified for the drop box renewal program if you meet ALL criteria below:

1.You are not traveling to the U.S. or need to use your passport within the next five business days.

2.You are a Vietnamese citizen.

3.You are physically present in Vietnam.

4.You are a holder of a U.S.  nonimmigrant visa which is still valid or has expired less than 12 months ago. You are applying for a visa in the same classification as your prior nonimmigrant biometric visa. (note: a biometric visa is one issued to an applicant above 14 years of age for which all ten fingerprints were captured).

5.Your latest visa was a full validity visa. (In most cases this is a multiple entry, twelve month visa).

6.If you are a student and you have not left the United States for a break in studies of five months or more, unless your activities overseas are related to your course of study.

7.You did not answer “YES” to any question in Security and Background of the DS‐160 application form, and you were not refused a visa at your last interview.

Applicants who do not meet these requirements should schedule an online appointment for a visa interview. For information on scheduling an online appointment, please go to How to apply.

What do I need to submit?

1.Passport, your passport must have at least one blank page for the visa and your passport must be valid for the dates of your intended stay in the United States.

2.Prior passport with your last U.S. visa, if that visa is not in your current passport. If your previous passport has been lost or stolen, please provide the police report showing that you reported the loss or theft.

3.DS-160 confirmation page with barcode, completed and submitted online.

4.One (1) passport-sized photo taken on a white background, with your ears visible, within the last six months.

5.Visa application fee receipt (both copies – pink and yellow). Please check our website for more information about paying the fees.

6.Pre-paid self-addressed EMS envelope. For more information about this pre-paid service, please go to EMS service.

For students and exchange visitors only:

1.Original I-20 or DS-2019 form

2.The student’s transcripts

For petition-based visa applicants only:

1.Original or copy of I-797 or I-129

2. Blanket L-visa applicants who are applying on the basis of a new I-129S should come prepared to pay the additional USD 500 fee at the Consulate.  Your employer should tell you whether this fee is required.

For crew members:

Signed contract from your employer
Certified employment letter
For more information on required documents, please go to Visa Types and look up the requirements of the visa category that you are applying for.

Applicants who do not have these items should schedule an online appointment for a visa interview. For information on scheduling an online appointment, please visit How to apply. How do I use the drop box service?

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements outlined above can hand-deliver the items listed above to the U.S. Consulate information booth, which is located next to the Le Duan entrance of the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 am - 11:00 am. Any applications submitted outside of the regularly scheduled drop box hours will not be accepted. Applications submitted by drop box will be processed and returned within five business days, although the Consulate reserves the right to request any applicant to return for a personal interview in the event that additional information is required.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vietnam Embassy in Cuba

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Cuba ?

Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in La Havana, Cuba

Address: # 1802, 5ta. Avenide, Esquina A 18, Miramarm Playa. La Habana, Cuba
Telephone : (537) 204 1502 or 204 1042 or 204 1501
Fax : (537) 204 1041
Email : or
Website :
Complete Name: Republic of Cuba
Native Name: Cuba
Capital: La Habana [Havana]

Principal Cities : La Habana, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Holguín, Guantánamo, Santa Clara, Las Tunas, Bayamo, Cienfuegos, Pinar del Río, Matanzas.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Few steps before getting your visa renewed

Vietnam visa renewal:
- The type of visa you can get renewed is single or multiple entry visa
- You will get a new page sticker placed on your passport with its new duration
- Vietnam visa renewal is beneficial especially for those who are exempted from Vietnam visa for 15 days or 30 days such as Malaysian, Singaporean, Russian, etc.

Vietnam visa extension
- The type of visa you can get extended is single entry visa only
- You will get a stamp (not a sticker) showing a new length of stay in Vietnam. And it has also maximum for 3 months

There a few steps before getting your visa renewed or extended:

Step 1: Send your passport scan and current visa stamp to our email at, then we will check with the Immigration Office whether your case can be extended or renewed

Step 2: After getting information from the authority, we will inform you shortly about the service fee, processing time and how to do it, etc.

Step 3: You can send your passport to our office by post mail or bring it to our office in person. If you stay in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, we may pick up your original passport at your address.